P O Box 280
Blue Ridge, TX  75424
Tracy Paskero-Owner/Operator 972-816-1067
Lorrie Parrish- Ranch Manager 972-213-7799
RANCH PHONE 972-984-7949
RANCH FAX:  972-637-7127
The J Bar T Ranch was started in 2006 and is located in Blue Ridge, Texas about
55 NE of Dallas.  We breed, raise and love Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds,
English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs.  My name is Tracy Mahan-Paskero and I am
the owner/operator of the J Bar T Ranch.  I have two children and we enjoy owning
and raising these beautiful dogs here at the J Bar T Ranch.  My ranch manager,
Lorrie Parrish, has over 30 years of experience with raising, training and caring for
dogs.  Lorrie and her family lives on the ranch to help watch over all of our fur
babies and the ranch!  We not only have our kids that help in the care of our dogs
and puppies but we have a fantastic crew of young people that help us in the care,
grooming, training and socialization of our dogs and puppies to ensure they are
getting the level of care and love that I want all of our dogs to have!!  We are a
home and family based licensed Texas dog breeder (we are not a kennel). We
believe our Bullies and Aussies should be able to run, play and be a part of our
family & ranch!  So you can be ensured that our adult dogs and puppies are
socialized with other dogs and people and receive lots of attention, exercise and
love. We have large yards with walk in cottage style dog houses with doggie doors
that have heat and a/c in them. A lot of the time our dogs are running free on our
ranch with us and all of them spend some time in our house being a close part of
our family. We are very passionate about what we do and take pride in the care of
our dogs and provide them with the best nutrition, shelter and social environment
possible! We also spend a lot of time with our customers to help them choose their
new family member and to make sure they are a perfect fit for their family!  While
Aussies and Bulldogs are both great family dogs, and bond strongly with their
families and are excellent with children they are also very different in many ways.
Please go to their individual pages for specific breed information and to see why we
have fallen in love with both of these breeds.  

We have puppies available almost year round and provide stud and breeding
services for our Mini Aussies and our English & French Bulldogs including
progesterone testing and artificial insemination.  We also provide puppy marketing
services for the litters that our customers have out of our studs!! We have shipping
and delivery services as well and we are able to ship or delivery
anywhere in the United States.  

You can contact me at 972-816-1067 or email me at with
any questions on our puppies or if you are interested in our Shipping or Delivery
Services.   You can contact my ranch manager, Lorrie Parrish, at 972-213-7799 to
make an appointment to come to the ranch and see our adult dogs, available
puppies or with any questions about our puppies, stud & breeding service.