DEPOSITS:   A puppy can be held with a deposit of $200.00. The deposit is non-
refundable.  However, they can be transferable to a puppy in another litter.   
Deposits are partial payments toward the purchase price of your puppy to be placed
on hold for you.  Price must be paid in full before pickup/shipment/delivery of

We will hold the puppy you select until age of weaning (normally 8 weeks old).  
Arrangements must be made in advance if you are not going to be able to have your
puppy picked up/shipped/or delivered by the time the puppy is of weaning age.  
There may be an additional charge for keeping a customer for any extended period
of time past 8 weeks.   All vaccinations and worming will be up to date at time of
pick up/shipment/delivery of puppy.  You can pay or make your deposit through
paypal, cashier’s check, wire transfer, credit card, and check (as long as funds have
time to clear bank before you pick up your puppy).  

SHIPPING/DELIVERY:  We can ship when weather and flight availability is
permitting.  We ship through the airlines on a regular basis with no problems and we
feel very comfortable with doing so.  We can walk you through the process every
step of the way.  The health certificate, crate and cost of flight usually is around
$350.00-$400 for domestic flights in the United States.   

Prior to shipping your puppy I will send you all flight information, airline name and
flight number.  I will send you a reminder the day before your puppy ships.  The
puppy will come with a puppy kit including all registrations papers, pedigree and
shot/worming record, (a sample of the food your puppy has been on), and a health
certificate.  The puppy’s registration and health record can be mailed to you if you
are concerned of them being lost while attached to the crate with the puppy.

We are now offering a delivery service for our customers that are in Texas or
surrounding states.  We have delivery availability to meet you halfway or bring the
puppy to you depending on the location.  There will be a fee that varies on the
length of the trip to cover fuel, time & travel costs.  It is a convenience option we
offer for those customers that don't want to or can't spend their whole day on the
road driving and saves time and money for fuel for the customer.