I am now offering puppy marketing services to my stud customers.  I have had a lot
of interest in these services in the past and have decided to provide them as another
way to serve my customers better.  

Marketing and selling the puppies can be very time consuming and frustrating at
times.  It is hard to sell Bulldog puppies locally in the Dallas market because it is very
competitive.  By having a website, online advertising, a reputation as being a good,
honest breeder, and having my customers offer a health contract guarantee I have a
demand for Bulldog puppies on a regular basis.  Right now in the current market and
economy I have heard individuals are having to sell their puppies for $800-$1000.00,
which is, well under the value of what they are worth.  Remember we are talking
about quality puppies that have numerous champions on their papers through my
stud dogs alone.  Even then individuals are still having trouble placing them in good
homes at this price.  Most people end up with poor quality Bulldog puppies when
they go out in the marketplace and search for the cheapest one out there.  These
puppies will have no champions on their papers or are FROM parents that are at best
poor pet quality Bulldogs that will produce an even lesser quality Bulldog puppy than
what they are.   These puppies will not grow into the Bulldog that the buyer hoped
they would.  That is what I do my best to educate buyers about where they won't be
disappointed in the long run because even if they are spending $1000 dollars it is still
a lot of money to spend and not end up with what they were hoping for.  There is also
a lot of frauds and scams that go on with the Bulldog market.  So there is buyers out
there that are aware of all this and look for a reputable breeder.  They like to see a
breeder that has a guarantee on their puppies and that has a website that they can
see the adult dogs and puppies, their pedigrees and all of the breeder’s information.  
These buyers like to research and look for a quality puppy before they make an
educated decision on their puppy purchase.  These are the buyers I target because
they are willing to pay more for the right puppy!!  I usually get
$2000-$3000 for a
puppy depending on the quality, sex and color of the puppy and the marketplace at
the time and whether the buyer is buying the puppy for pet only or with breeding

The service I am now offering is a listing fee of $150.00 to put the puppies pictures
and keep them updated and provide information on the litter on my website and to do
the online advertising.  This also allows you to use the website as an advertising tool
and to go to the website for pictures and information on the puppies or to put in your
advertising for people to be able to go to the website to see the puppies.  If you sell a
puppy off your own advertisements then there is no other fee on the sale of the
puppy.  If I sell a puppy from a customer that comes through my website and my
online advertising there is an additional 15% commission on the price that puppy
sells for.
 We will communicate on the pricing of the puppies and determine what
each puppy's price will be.   I will then put them on my main
advertise them on my online advertising sites and possibly through newspaper
publications.  I will take all the emails and calls closing the sale on the puppy and
collecting the deposit on the puppy if needed or warranted.  I will give the customer
your contact information and you the customer's contact information to setup
appointments to see the puppies if needed.   If I receive a deposit I will take my
commission out of the deposit and send you the remainder.  The balance of the
puppy will be paid directly to you unless the buyer needs to pay by credit card or on
my website through paypal.  If that is the case the buyer will be charged the fee and I
will send you the balance on the puppy once it clears my account.  If you are paid for
the puppy and I am owed a commission then you will send me a check for the

I will need good pictures (this makes a huge difference in being able to market & sell
the puppies properly) of the puppies and the mother on a regular basis as the
puppies grow.   I will also need you to contact me on a regular basis updating me on
a puppy's availibility status.
 I have had issues with receiving updated pictures and
being contacted about a puppy's status recently.  I can't market the puppies
effectively without regular contact with you and good updated pictures so please
make sure you can make this commitment if you want me to market the puppies for
You will handle the shipment, delivery or pickup of the puppy and be handling
the paperwork.  If you need me to provide those services, as well, I can provide
those at an additional cost.  Just contact me for more details about those services.  I
can deal with the customer in getting flight arrangements and handle all the shipping
details. I can also help you in arranging getting a puppy to the airport or to schedule a
partial delivery with us meeting the customer halfway by my friend's delivery
service.   We would charge the buyer the delivery fee if they are interested in that
option and for all shipping costs if they are having the puppy shipped by plane.   You
will be required to provide the puppy buyer with a version of my puppy health
contract guarantee in your name, worming and shot records (that must be up to date
at the time of sale) and a sample of the food the puppy has been on along with their
registration application.
 Please read my health guarantee and come up with your
own and send me a copy where I can let customers know the type of health
guarantee they will be getting with the puppy.  This is a guarantee you will have to
stand behind so make sure it is a commitment you can make.  

****Note- To all my customers that have used my puppy marketing services in the
past I can no longer take in puppies to care for during the marketing process.  I don't
have the resources to be able to provide this service any longer.  i usually can take
them when they are 8 weeks old if I have room for an additional charge for
care/feed/shots/worming etc. if needed and help with pickup/deliveries.

If you have any questions regarding my marketing services feel free to contact me at
972-816-1067 or at tracy@jbartsranch.com