This is at the
Ranch in
Aubrey.  She
has ran a 15.9
in that pen
and had been
in the 1D
several times
in there.
This is at the
Salt Creek
Arena in Boyd.  
She has ran a
15.3 which is in
the 1D in this
arena now with
the pattern set
up the way it is.
When it was
smaller and
setup from the
other alley she
had ran a 14.8
and was in the
top three times.
This is in
back when
the pattern
was bigger
and a 15.1
usually won
it.  She ran a
15.8 in this
run and it was
a 2D run!
This was in
Glenrose this
year in 2009 at
the Winter
Classic.  This
was one of her
first big runs
back after
having a baby
and she ran a
15.6 which was
about a second
off from the
leaders of the
I have more videos of her that are on an actual video tape.  I am going to work on getting them on a
disk and download them on the computer.  Me and my friend Tracy Oswald have both run her over
the last few years.  She is a true 1D/2D @ small local barrel races and a 2D/3D @ the big barrel races.  
Alot of people say that and then the times don't show it.  Well here is a horse that the times are
showing it!  Watch her runs on the videos she always works the barrels on her own no matter what
the conditions or situation is!!!  

Some of her other times that she has ran and some big barrel races are:

NBHA State in Waco-she ran a 16.059 and was in the 2D and a 15.243 won it.  

Win More Buz Post Record Numbers were entered-she ran a 16.130 in the bottom of the 2D and a
15.277 won it.

Oklahoma Shootout-she ran a 16.511 and a 15.647 won that round but a 15.8 won the other round and
the shootout that weekend.

UPDATE:  SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! She ran a 16.0 in the Cowboy Tack Arena in Terrell with a new rider on
their 3rd run ever on her and a 15.8 won it.  She is back in shape and all business!! If you can sit up
and ride and push her she can be a 1D horse all the time!