Hello J Bar T Customers!

We have had the same website for over 12 years and had known it was antiquated but have been scared to make the BIG change to a more modern website platform! Even though we had put off rebuilding a new website we knew it was inevitable! We now ask for your patience as we dive into a new website platform for the first time!! We are going to try to redesign the website to be more functional while still being informative with all the pictures our customers are accustomed to seeing! We appreciate you visiting our website and having interest in our dogs and puppies! Until we have all our puppy pages up you can go to our Facebook Page to see pictures and information on our current litter of puppies. Contact us at 972-366-7973 with any questions you have on our current litters and availability or to schedule an appointment to come see our ranch and puppies. Thanks Tracy Mahan-Paskero /Owner

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    1. Vickie,

      I am sorry for your loss! I know how hard that is. If you visit our Miniature/Toy Aussie Page at https://jbartsranch.com/index.php/miniature-toy-aussie-puppies/ you can see all of our current available puppies. We have a red tri female available in Cherry X Colt’s litter if you are wanting a red tri if not we do have other colors as well. It shows below each puppy the Full Registration/Rights Price and the Pet Only Price along with whether the puppy is Available (that will say AVAILABLE in red). WE have quite a few puppies available in several different litters if you scroll down the page to the bottom there is also a New and Upcoming Litter list with several litters listed out we are about to put up on the website as well. You can contact us at 972-366-7973 with any questions on our available puppies or to setup an appointment to come see them. Thanks Tracy Mahan-Paskero

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